Other services including Expert Determination

  • Chairing or observing meetings as an independent person – in circumstances where a committee or other group of people who work together are struggling to work together in an effective way.
  • Personal coaching – for directors, senior managers or other staff, focusing on how to learn and use mediation skills to manage relationships with others inside and outside their organisation, including specific issues such as how to negotiate a contract as a buyer or seller.
  • Training small teams about mediation (up to five people) – how to use the skills of a mediator, where the skills of a mediator could help team members in an organisation where they regularly deal with conflict or potential conflict situations.
These can be one off exercises, or multiple sessions – it is entirely your choice. Fees are agreed on a case by case basis, payable in advance but covering all your requirements during a project. There will be no additional fees, unless the scale and/or scope of the project changes significantly. We will do our very best to say ‘yes we can do it’ to every question you may have!

If you think we can help in a different way not described above, please contact us to discuss your ideas. We will do everything we can to help you.

Expert Determination – Martin is an Expert Determiner with the Academy of Experts. It means he can be asked by both parties to a dispute to make a decision about a case, as an independent person rather than going to court, which both parties must accept as binding. Martin’s areas of expertise are disputes regarding fraud, accounting queries, valuations of companies, breach of contract, warranty claims, dissolution of partnerships and loss of profits. Please contact Martin for more details of how this works. Please also see academyofexperts.org for more information about Expert Determination.