Consumer Mediation

This is where a consumer has a dispute with a trader, maybe a builder, plumber or garden landscaper? The amounts of money may be smaller than for most commercial mediations, but the effect of a long running dispute on the consider and their family cannot be overstated. A written agreement can be produced at the end of the mediation by the mediator, where both sides confirm they will apply the agreement reached. This is a legally binding document.

The alternative is the Money Claims court where there is a cost to lodge the claim, with more costs if the case is defended, and then a wait of 50 weeks so nearly a year (the average as at September 2021) before the case is heard, and of course the uncertainty about who will win the case.

The government has announced plans for make it compulsory for consumer disputes to be referred to mediation before going to court (currently it is only recommended) so clearly the government sees the value of mediation in reducing the heavy burden on the court system of (relatively) low value disputes.

Our consumer mediation fees are;

All fees payable before the mediation begins.

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What we can do for you...

Commercial mediation is where two business have a dispute about a commercial transaction.

This is where a consumer has a dispute with a trader, maybe a builder, plumber or garden landscaper?

This is where there is a dispute in the community, maybe between neighbours, involving noisy children, aggressive pets or other anti-social issues.

This is where there is a dispute between two people who work for the same organisation, which is not easily resolved by traditional HR processes and procedures.

Remote and face to face meetings available for all mediations

It is assumed that most mediations will be done remotely online. Face to face mediations can be arranged at the same cost. Travelling distances of 20 miles each way or less will not be charged, but over 20 miles each way will be charged at £60 per hour or part therof.

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