Case Study


Julia and Ken wanted extensive work done in their garden, including a new patio and a new extensive seating area. Rob, an experienced landscaper and garden designer, won the contract to do the work costing £30,000, but they were problems from the start of the work. Julia and Ken made several changes to the agreed design which they felt had been overly ambitious, and then complained about the quality of the work. A reduced project costing £5,000 was then agreed but even that smaller project could not be completed due to differences of opinion between the two parties.

When mediation started, Julia and Ken did not want to pay any more, but Rob wanted the remaining £1,500 owed to him as he and his workers had been on site for a month.

After some interesting discussions between the mediator and both parties, Julia and Ken agreed to pay Rob £500 to acknowledge his work, and this offer was accepted.

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It is assumed that most mediations will be done remotely online. Face to face mediations can be arranged at the same cost. Travelling distances of 20 miles each way or less will not be charged, but over 20 miles each way will be charged at £60 per hour or part therof.

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