Case Study


Carol and Susie work for the same employer in a small, family run business, and both live on site in accommodation rented from the employer.

Carol had a boyfriend Ray, who she discovered had been meeting with Susie. Susie did not deny that she had been seeing Ray, but Susie said that she had been clearly told by Ray that the relationship between Carol and Ray had finished. Carol had not been aware that her relationship with Ray was over, and the dispute had made the relationship at work between Carol and Susie impossible, with colleagues having to pass messages between Carol and Susie. This situation had lasted nearly a year. Susie’s relationship with Ray finished some months ago.

After meeting Carol, Susie and the employer separately, the mediator suggested to Carol and Susie that, from what the mediator had heard, maybe Ray had never told the truth to either of them, and so they should blame Ray, more than each other, for what had happened. Also, their employer had been very patient with them, and that they owed it to their employer and their other work colleagues to find a way to put Ray behind them and to look forward rather than looking back. They should not allow Ray to decide how they live their lives from now on.

The mediator also suggested that an HR professional should be used by the employer to work with Carol, Susie and the other employees over the next few months to ensure that progress was being made to the benefit of all employees.

Carol and Susie understood and accepted the points made by the mediator, and whilst a formal mediated agreement was neither necessary nor appropriate, Carol, Susie and the employer appreciated the feedback from the mediator and they all agreed to work hard to make things better for all employees.

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