What Is Mediation?

The basics of mediation are the same across all categories of mediation; a mediator is an independent person who works with two or more parties to help them resolve a dispute, without using legal processes involving courts. The advantages of mediation are;

Mediation is a much cheaper option compared to using solicitors or going to court. A mediation for a dispute value of £50,000 will cost each party £420, whereas using solicitors and going to court could cost you £10,000 or more.

Mediations can be completed in a few weeks from the first enquiry, compared to a wait of three months just to get to court.

The whole mediation process is entirely confidential, so no-one else will know anything about the details of the case. If it goes to court, the details become public knowledge.

The parties are in control, not the mediator, compared to going to court where solicitors have a habit of taking control from clients.

Mediation is a safe space where the parties can talk openly with no concerns about the mediation discussions being referred to if the case ends up in court.

Remote and face to face meetings available for all mediations

It is assumed that most mediations will be done remotely online. Face to face mediations can be arranged at the same cost. Travelling distances of 20 miles each way or less will not be charged, but over 20 miles each way will be charged at £60 per hour or part therof.

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